Pokemon Emerald Randomizer Nuzloge

Part 7

Adventure Log

First post here on this website builder,(thank Arceus i took computer electives or else i might not even know this existed.) So lets get this show started.

Oh hi there. So I didn’t actually catch anything on the jagged pass,(place between Lavaridge and Mt. Chimney,) in the last part so here I am now. Funny thing is I think its actually possible to catch a numel on this route anyway.

Naming Ijuf for obvious reasons. Also first pokemon to go into the PC, yay,(as pathetic as that might seem.)

And I got an egg. Wonder what this could possibly be.

Saddly Ijuf did not make it through training,(rock tombs man.) Many tears were shed over poor Ijufs death, but the training had to continue if anyone was going to make it in this world.

After minutes on minutes of running in one place we get this guy.

Oh boy a Wynaut.

How witty my naming of this guy is. However rare a wynaut might be,(in normal gameplay its pretty freaking rare, in this its pretty freaking random,) this guy, to put it bluntly, just sucks. As a wynaut it really only has encore and growl, oh and splash,(best move in the game.) Wobuffett,(the devil if it were a pokemon,) is a really big gamble. It’ll be a pain in the arse to train, since this guy can’t fight right now, and as a wobuffett i have to continuously guess the correct move type that a pokemon is going to use,(being before third gen that’s admittedly not that terrible,) but it also has to take a beating to even deal damage. So no wobuffett for me… unless I get really desperate.

Doing something new for the header stuff. Since I can put in pictures, whynot?

And after A TON of level grinding

The little mermaid that could. I’m counting on her for pretty much all the fire gym.

One who shall pierce the heavens… Although he’ll die in this gym.

Not caring at all about Regice explosions and always a trooper.(Stupidly hard to train though)

Much more awesome now that he’s Level 40,(that thunder (and terrible ability.))

He’s actually pretty terrible to train. I don’t even know why he’s in my party.

With team members out of the way its time to get this gym cleared.

After a very, interesting, introduction we fight Flannery, fire trainer extraordinaire.

I’m not over leveled am I?(Almost feel sorry for the poor numel.) One water pulse and the poor thing goes down.

Oh Arceus, this slugma, poor poor slugma. Being the epitome of a sluggish glass canon, i think this picture speaks for itself. Bring on the next victim you cruel sadistic gym leader.

Oh hi Fuji. If only we could meet under different circumstances. Although despite the fact that one whirlpool would have killed it, Ariel missed. So camerupt here decided to use attract,(I didn’t even know it could learn that,) Ariel didn’t do anything, it put up a sunny day and…


I got a critical whirlpool off.

The final contender of this gym. I’m not taking any risks on this thing since i’m pretty sure it knows yawn, and that is never a good thing. Go straight for the water pulse and

It knows it knows it too? Oh and Arceus damn that sunny day and torkoals tank like properties and light screen. Fearing that this whole attract thing is going to be a problem i switch in for Axetail and try to end this with a spark.

NOOOOOOOO!!! It was so young and adorable. WHY TORKOAL AND YOUR SUNNYDAY OVERHEAT WHYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! After Axetail went down, it had the nerve to eat a white herb to negate overheats penalty and Flannery used a hyper potion.

After committing that heinous crime of murdering Axetail, even her former lover will go in for the kill.

I bested the Gym Leader, but at what cost?!?!?!?!?!?

So having beat Flannery and losing a precious team member, I think thats a segment. No one really changed so I won’t bother posting there profiles again but…

4 badges.


New thing I thought I’d do,(which is why the other fallen comrades aren’t in here,(they were released.)) Let us pay our respects to those brave souls fallen this segment. We shall not forget you Axetail and Ijuf.

Those that were buried in the not universal grave.

-Skull(Bagon) Lvl 7

-Gutsman(Machop) Lvl 17

-Schnoz(Nosepass) Lvl 20

-Ragnarok(Beautifly) Lvl 15


Anyway now that I’m done with the actual segment, can you guys tell me if you like the new format or not.


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