Part 11

So did some off screen shooting action. First off

I found this on the route outside of Fortree. Now i just need a Clampearl and my collection is complete.

.snosaer suoivbo rof arieL ti deman I

And Hierophant became a badass bug,(er dragon.)

Hie, Hier, Hiero, HIEROOOOOOOOPHHHHAAAAANTTTTTTT!!!!! So after reading various nuzlocke runs and playing one for myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that the game eventually figures out your nuzlocking and just criticals you all over the place,(it was a critical stomp that did him in.)

After that saddening event took place, I trained more to prep for the gym…

Well great. Off to more exploring, *whoosh*.

So here’s Steven and he gives you an item that gives you the ability to see invisible pokemon ensuing in a fight against none other than kecleon…. yada yada yada. Go back to fortree get rid of the kecleon in front of the gym.

And now I’m here.

Proving to be pretty good at slashing things,(seriously why can’t it learn cut?) Without fury cutter this thing would’ve been murdered by haunter during trainer due to freaking curse.

Ariel, manliest gorebyss ever.

Taking explosions like a true Explosion,(like a true ghost/explosion he vanished in that first screen shot.)

Sadly she isn’t going to see much action in this gym,(and really hasn’t recently.)

Standard example of type of move making it special or physical. I mean it has higher attack than special attack, knows screech, and yet all 3 of its moves are special.

Style!(placeholder pokemon.)


Starting the fight off. Blade’s taking the lead versus this very threatening swablu.


Setting up a 3 swords dances and getting one slash off killed the cloud bird.


Sending out tropius next. Will this banana tree flying dinosaur defeat blade.

3 swords dances say otherwise.


Next victim to Blades super slashes is this birdy. Although it used protect.


So i crushed clawed it instead.


Finally sending out skarmory,(the AI of this game,) I decide to counter Leira, making her on lets play debut in a battle.


And she wrecked it.


The final contender of this gym. The cloud dragon itself. Altaria. Explosion is the pokemon to attempt a strong finish. Tension fills the air as these two combatants exchange glances.  With a flaming breath attack,much dancing and perfectly accurate aerial attacks and perfectly accurate punches of darkness an explosion occurs filling the air with smoke. When it clears it reveals…




Being filled with rage Ariel deals another vengeful blow to the last of the leaders pokemon.

I obtain the feather badge,(and Ariel earns the title “revenge killer,”) but at what cost!!!???

Wells that’s a segment. I suffered the loss of my dragon bug thing, and one of my earliest and most useful pokemon, its time to visit

The Memorial


Skull(Bagon) Lvl 7

-Gutsman(Machop) Lvl 17

-Schnoz(Nosepass) Lvl 20

-Ragnarok(Beautifly) Lvl 15


Guest Stars of Route 120


New party member.


The scourge of the sea.


The awesomest most impractical thing to get in gen 2


Just another starter.






Unjustly taken out of the anime.


In memory of Ijuf.


The Brock pokemon.


It’s coral kirby.


Contender for rarest pokemon on route and i think you can find one here normally anyway.


Contender for rarest pokemon on route.

It saddens me that most these contain the two that died these episodes, but they’ll always have a place in the box…

Next part is going to have ALOT of new pokemon to find. So until then… Ciao.


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