Part 10

5 badges.

The team.

And now I can start to surf across the large expanse to the new city. But first…

The awesomest rich boy to ever exist,(in pokemon at least.) Although really all he did was tell me how there are a huge amount of pokemon that exist. Well thanks, I guess.

First guest on route 118. After putting it to sleep and weakening it a fair bit…

It is mine,(finally someone to use cut!…. WAIT HE CAN’T?!?) With blade in party the journey upward continues. After about three steps upward i get onto route 119, so new pokemon time. This pokemon is none other than.

Well, never used a Golduck before so, time to go for it. Through much effort,(a whole hypnosis night shade combo,)

Nicknamed it Style! for no real reason. I went back to Mauville to heal and on my way back to 119 i went to the right of 118 and found out that there’s a Route 123 over there. Hunt resume. However there’s nowhere to catch pokemon on this route, at least not right now.

This was in a trainer battle and this thing literally only knew harden. I just don’t understand npc trainers.

One place where acro bike over mach,(so its much safer to bike across narrow pipes and preform hops on a bike to cross onto other narrow pipes as opposed to walking across it… sense this makes none of.)

Right outside the weather institute on route 119,(have to go in here because the two aqua grunts are blocking a path.) There’s a bed in here which is very useful especially because,

Aqua grunts a plenty in here. My team is sort of equipped to deal with this in that they are like 10 levels above everything. However I don’t really have any strengths seeing as there’s mainly carvanha and poochyena, Explosion’s is weak to them and Ariel can’t use psychic moves. However as terrible as Simon’s stats might be, she can drill these dark types here dead. Regardless I continue through the facility anyway. However there are only like 5 aqua grunts in this facility and the only real “threat” is

her. If you’ll notice she only has two pokemon the first being carvanha,(which went down fairly easy,) and a mightyena,(which Simon’s drills completely destroyed anyway.) After this pathetic excuse for a boss fight team Aqua bolts out of the building and I’m rewarded with

a castform,(and its all too creative nickname.)After leaving the Weather Institute and taking a couple of steps to the next town

Oh come on! So that explains why the last fight was so pathetic.

Starting off the fight like this.

It ended like this.

The next two who fight. Starts like this…

Ends like this.(The move used was surf.)

Third and final pokemon.

Starts like this.

Ends like this…. Well that was still pathetic,(I blame being over leveled, but hey i’m not taking any chances.) She lost, I won and to reward me I get the hm fly shoved onto me…. I’m also not sure if any of my pokemon can use fly. And after the fight with May,

I’m greeted by Scott the stalker. All he says is that I made May angry because I beat her and that he expects me to do well in the next gym. Thanks?

And finally in Fortree City. With that the segment now comes to an end. Next time, gym…. maybe.


Skull(Bagon) Lvl 7

-Gutsman(Machop) Lvl 17

-Schnoz(Nosepass) Lvl 20

-Ragnarok(Beautifly) Lvl 15


Featured Route Pokemon

-Route 118

New Team Member

You don’t have an evolution yet so… meh.

Ariados is the new water skeeter.

Mewtwo strikes back.

-Route 119

New team member.


Charizard… shouldn’t it die in the rain?

Norman was so frustrated that he lost the he released his pokemon Into the Wild. 

Until next time.


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