Part 11

So did some off screen shooting action. First off

I found this on the route outside of Fortree. Now i just need a Clampearl and my collection is complete.

.snosaer suoivbo rof arieL ti deman I

And Hierophant became a badass bug,(er dragon.)

Hie, Hier, Hiero, HIEROOOOOOOOPHHHHAAAAANTTTTTTT!!!!! So after reading various nuzlocke runs and playing one for myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that the game eventually figures out your nuzlocking and just criticals you all over the place,(it was a critical stomp that did him in.)

After that saddening event took place, I trained more to prep for the gym…

Well great. Off to more exploring, *whoosh*.

So here’s Steven and he gives you an item that gives you the ability to see invisible pokemon ensuing in a fight against none other than kecleon…. yada yada yada. Go back to fortree get rid of the kecleon in front of the gym.

And now I’m here.

Proving to be pretty good at slashing things,(seriously why can’t it learn cut?) Without fury cutter this thing would’ve been murdered by haunter during trainer due to freaking curse.

Ariel, manliest gorebyss ever.

Taking explosions like a true Explosion,(like a true ghost/explosion he vanished in that first screen shot.)

Sadly she isn’t going to see much action in this gym,(and really hasn’t recently.)

Standard example of type of move making it special or physical. I mean it has higher attack than special attack, knows screech, and yet all 3 of its moves are special.

Style!(placeholder pokemon.)


Starting the fight off. Blade’s taking the lead versus this very threatening swablu.


Setting up a 3 swords dances and getting one slash off killed the cloud bird.


Sending out tropius next. Will this banana tree flying dinosaur defeat blade.

3 swords dances say otherwise.


Next victim to Blades super slashes is this birdy. Although it used protect.


So i crushed clawed it instead.


Finally sending out skarmory,(the AI of this game,) I decide to counter Leira, making her on lets play debut in a battle.


And she wrecked it.


The final contender of this gym. The cloud dragon itself. Altaria. Explosion is the pokemon to attempt a strong finish. Tension fills the air as these two combatants exchange glances.  With a flaming breath attack,much dancing and perfectly accurate aerial attacks and perfectly accurate punches of darkness an explosion occurs filling the air with smoke. When it clears it reveals…




Being filled with rage Ariel deals another vengeful blow to the last of the leaders pokemon.

I obtain the feather badge,(and Ariel earns the title “revenge killer,”) but at what cost!!!???

Wells that’s a segment. I suffered the loss of my dragon bug thing, and one of my earliest and most useful pokemon, its time to visit

The Memorial


Skull(Bagon) Lvl 7

-Gutsman(Machop) Lvl 17

-Schnoz(Nosepass) Lvl 20

-Ragnarok(Beautifly) Lvl 15


Guest Stars of Route 120


New party member.


The scourge of the sea.


The awesomest most impractical thing to get in gen 2


Just another starter.






Unjustly taken out of the anime.


In memory of Ijuf.


The Brock pokemon.


It’s coral kirby.


Contender for rarest pokemon on route and i think you can find one here normally anyway.


Contender for rarest pokemon on route.

It saddens me that most these contain the two that died these episodes, but they’ll always have a place in the box…

Next part is going to have ALOT of new pokemon to find. So until then… Ciao.


Part 10

5 badges.

The team.

And now I can start to surf across the large expanse to the new city. But first…

The awesomest rich boy to ever exist,(in pokemon at least.) Although really all he did was tell me how there are a huge amount of pokemon that exist. Well thanks, I guess.

First guest on route 118. After putting it to sleep and weakening it a fair bit…

It is mine,(finally someone to use cut!…. WAIT HE CAN’T?!?) With blade in party the journey upward continues. After about three steps upward i get onto route 119, so new pokemon time. This pokemon is none other than.

Well, never used a Golduck before so, time to go for it. Through much effort,(a whole hypnosis night shade combo,)

Nicknamed it Style! for no real reason. I went back to Mauville to heal and on my way back to 119 i went to the right of 118 and found out that there’s a Route 123 over there. Hunt resume. However there’s nowhere to catch pokemon on this route, at least not right now.

This was in a trainer battle and this thing literally only knew harden. I just don’t understand npc trainers.

One place where acro bike over mach,(so its much safer to bike across narrow pipes and preform hops on a bike to cross onto other narrow pipes as opposed to walking across it… sense this makes none of.)

Right outside the weather institute on route 119,(have to go in here because the two aqua grunts are blocking a path.) There’s a bed in here which is very useful especially because,

Aqua grunts a plenty in here. My team is sort of equipped to deal with this in that they are like 10 levels above everything. However I don’t really have any strengths seeing as there’s mainly carvanha and poochyena, Explosion’s is weak to them and Ariel can’t use psychic moves. However as terrible as Simon’s stats might be, she can drill these dark types here dead. Regardless I continue through the facility anyway. However there are only like 5 aqua grunts in this facility and the only real “threat” is

her. If you’ll notice she only has two pokemon the first being carvanha,(which went down fairly easy,) and a mightyena,(which Simon’s drills completely destroyed anyway.) After this pathetic excuse for a boss fight team Aqua bolts out of the building and I’m rewarded with

a castform,(and its all too creative nickname.)After leaving the Weather Institute and taking a couple of steps to the next town

Oh come on! So that explains why the last fight was so pathetic.

Starting off the fight like this.

It ended like this.

The next two who fight. Starts like this…

Ends like this.(The move used was surf.)

Third and final pokemon.

Starts like this.

Ends like this…. Well that was still pathetic,(I blame being over leveled, but hey i’m not taking any chances.) She lost, I won and to reward me I get the hm fly shoved onto me…. I’m also not sure if any of my pokemon can use fly. And after the fight with May,

I’m greeted by Scott the stalker. All he says is that I made May angry because I beat her and that he expects me to do well in the next gym. Thanks?

And finally in Fortree City. With that the segment now comes to an end. Next time, gym…. maybe.


Skull(Bagon) Lvl 7

-Gutsman(Machop) Lvl 17

-Schnoz(Nosepass) Lvl 20

-Ragnarok(Beautifly) Lvl 15


Featured Route Pokemon

-Route 118

New Team Member

You don’t have an evolution yet so… meh.

Ariados is the new water skeeter.

Mewtwo strikes back.

-Route 119

New team member.


Charizard… shouldn’t it die in the rain?

Norman was so frustrated that he lost the he released his pokemon Into the Wild. 

Until next time.

Part 9

Still at 4 badges.


But ready to take on the gym. Really this gym just has generic normal type trainers and a pick your poison type thing,(door with a sign that says what the big thing of that room is,(one hit ko room, really?)) Literally just had Explosion go around and murder everything.

And here is long awaited,(and slightly over looked,) fight against Norman.


He starts out with Spinda and i go with good ole Explosion. Still not over leveled in the slightest. 1-hit ko.


He responds with Vigiroth. Which I can’t do crap to due to vital spirit,(since Explosion can only fight with dream eater.)


I go for the switch with Ariel, and that damage he took is from a critical hit. 1 shot one kill and Vigiroth is down.


Bringing in Explosion to deal with Linoone. Who also would have been a big scare due to belly drum and hypnosis missing 3 TIMES…. but he only used facade. 1 hit ko once more.


Slaking, the final contender of this normal type gym going toe to…. floaty thing with Explosion. Truly this is a battle of legends.


 (Or just a battle of hypnosis, dream eater, followed by it using yawn, and me repeating strategy again.) 


And with that I’ve beaten the normal gym. Time to hunt for surf….


Or this guy can literally pull me out of the gym, and just hand me it. Yay scripted events.

End of part…

Part 8

Adventure Log:

4 Badges…

Ariel is actually much slower than I thought he would be but still got some solid sp. atk and defense. Still the MVP of last episode though.

Although these stats aren’t anything to right home about either,(why nintendo,(other than volcarona,) why do you hate bugs so much?) A true sis all in all though.

Boom… He’s just all around an awesome bro as well. Still terrible to train off a normal types though.

This guy’s speed is so horrible that things paralyzed can out speed it. It also doesn’t know anything good so its a pain to train, but hopefully this guy can be a fine team member.

I always lied about this thing’s level because I made a mistake once and never bothered to fix it. Hm slave folks.

And that’s the party.

So one thing I forgot to mention/take a screenshot of is after defeating the gym May came up,(gave me a heart attack because I was expecting a battle,) and gave me these things called the Go-goggles. I guess I can finally go through that sandstorm desert now. However this stupid desert is part of Route 111, which is where I ran into that mewtwo from smashing a rock. Had I not though…

This would have been what I ran into first… Another BUG TYPE, although I have no problem with Parasect, this is just ridiculous, (I can’t catch it anyway, and I had to find a second one since I missed getting a shot of the first one.)

Oh and Explosion is capable of fighting normal types now which is AWESOME!!!

Getting into the mirage tower,(which only sometimes appears,) the hunt for new party members goes on.

Huzzah a trapinch,(which I know is obtainable through the route on normal not randomized playthroughs outside this tower.) Well whatever trapinch is alright in my book because it becomes a dragon and has a massive head mouth.

Named Hierophant because it sounds cool. Saddly he’s asleep so he won’t be seeing much action right now.

One of the reasons you get mach over acro bike. This proved to be quite the difficult task and took way longer than needed to, but I press on anyway.

And then I get to this room and end up taking the Root fossil because Craydily is awesome  and I’ve never actually used it,(hardly ever used Armaldo at that and its also another bug type so it’s not being used.) And with that the mirage tower crumbles to the ground and the other fossil sinks into the desert sand. I don’t understand how any of that actually works, or how  I’m completely unharmed from that, but I continue with the journey.

Totally nothing of interest at this spot.

Back in the fiery path.

Can now use strength.

Only to find at the end of this strength puzzle is a fire stone, which I have no use for at the moment anyway. Now I’m getting confused because there was nothing in the desert and this just gave me a fire stone, so I have no idea where to go in terms of plot. I also found Lanette’s house,(creator of the Hoenn storage system,) but all I got was a lotad doll. I went back to meteor falls and didn’t find anything of note there either. And then I did the smart thing, (which no, isn’t looking it up on my computer.) I checked the Hoenn Map on the pokenav to find out that the next route is next to Mauville City… but I need to use surf to cross it.

That’s when it hit me. I completely forgotten that I had to, and now could, fight Norman. Guess that’s what happens when you put a gym that you can’t get to at the very beginning of the game,(although I never had this trouble with Gen 1 games so I have no idea how this passed me by.) Backtracking all the way to Petalburg,

I arrive…. er

I arrive ready to take on the gym.

That’s going to be that for this segment. Next time, Norman.

Also no one died this part which is awesome. But to those that did

-Skull(Bagon) Lvl 7

-Gutsman(Machop) Lvl 17

-Schnoz(Nosepass) Lvl 20

-Ragnarok(Beautifly) Lvl 15



I decided to start taking screen shots of all the pokemon that I found in all the new areas this episode sooooo………

Route 111 (really only sort of new)


Well this awkward.

Soon to be teamate.

I think this speaks for itself.

I heard you liek these.

More bugs.

I’ve got nothing.

Mirage Tower

I’m pretty sure both these guys can be caught here normally anyway.

Pokemon Emerald Randomizer Nuzloge Part 7

Adventure Log

First post here on this website builder,(thank Arceus i took computer electives or else i might not even know this existed.) So lets get this show started.

Oh hi there. So I didn’t actually catch anything on the jagged pass,(place between Lavaridge and Mt. Chimney,) in the last part so here I am now. Funny thing is I think its actually possible to catch a numel on this route anyway.

Naming Ijuf for obvious reasons. Also first pokemon to go into the PC, yay,(as pathetic as that might seem.)

And I got an egg. Wonder what this could possibly be.

Saddly Ijuf did not make it through training,(rock tombs man.) Many tears were shed over poor Ijufs death, but the training had to continue if anyone was going to make it in this world.

After minutes on minutes of running in one place we get this guy.

Oh boy a Wynaut.

How witty my naming of this guy is. However rare a wynaut might be,(in normal gameplay its pretty freaking rare, in this its pretty freaking random,) this guy, to put it bluntly, just sucks. As a wynaut it really only has encore and growl, oh and splash,(best move in the game.) Wobuffett,(the devil if it were a pokemon,) is a really big gamble. It’ll be a pain in the arse to train, since this guy can’t fight right now, and as a wobuffett i have to continuously guess the correct move type that a pokemon is going to use,(being before third gen that’s admittedly not that terrible,) but it also has to take a beating to even deal damage. So no wobuffett for me… unless I get really desperate.

Doing something new for the header stuff. Since I can put in pictures, whynot?

And after A TON of level grinding

The little mermaid that could. I’m counting on her for pretty much all the fire gym.

One who shall pierce the heavens… Although he’ll die in this gym.

Not caring at all about Regice explosions and always a trooper.(Stupidly hard to train though)

Much more awesome now that he’s Level 40,(that thunder (and terrible ability.))

He’s actually pretty terrible to train. I don’t even know why he’s in my party.

With team members out of the way its time to get this gym cleared.

After a very, interesting, introduction we fight Flannery, fire trainer extraordinaire.

I’m not over leveled am I?(Almost feel sorry for the poor numel.) One water pulse and the poor thing goes down.

Oh Arceus, this slugma, poor poor slugma. Being the epitome of a sluggish glass canon, i think this picture speaks for itself. Bring on the next victim you cruel sadistic gym leader.

Oh hi Fuji. If only we could meet under different circumstances. Although despite the fact that one whirlpool would have killed it, Ariel missed. So camerupt here decided to use attract,(I didn’t even know it could learn that,) Ariel didn’t do anything, it put up a sunny day and…


I got a critical whirlpool off.

The final contender of this gym. I’m not taking any risks on this thing since i’m pretty sure it knows yawn, and that is never a good thing. Go straight for the water pulse and

It knows it knows it too? Oh and Arceus damn that sunny day and torkoals tank like properties and light screen. Fearing that this whole attract thing is going to be a problem i switch in for Axetail and try to end this with a spark.

NOOOOOOOO!!! It was so young and adorable. WHY TORKOAL AND YOUR SUNNYDAY OVERHEAT WHYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! After Axetail went down, it had the nerve to eat a white herb to negate overheats penalty and Flannery used a hyper potion.

After committing that heinous crime of murdering Axetail, even her former lover will go in for the kill.

I bested the Gym Leader, but at what cost?!?!?!?!?!?

So having beat Flannery and losing a precious team member, I think thats a segment. No one really changed so I won’t bother posting there profiles again but…

4 badges.


New thing I thought I’d do,(which is why the other fallen comrades aren’t in here,(they were released.)) Let us pay our respects to those brave souls fallen this segment. We shall not forget you Axetail and Ijuf.

Anyway now that I’m done with the actual segment, can you guys tell me if you like the new format or not.